Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank You For Pointing This Out

One of the frustrating things about watching Marco Rubio's ads touting fiscal responsibility has to do with his own record in that regard. I'm not even talking about his personal struggle with debt and inability to balance his own checkbook (something that a lot of folks struggle with - particularly in these tough times). I am not even talking about the unusually high rate of expenditures on his own campaign.

No, I am talking about the fact that when he was Speaker of the Florida House, he repeatedly submitted budgets that were bloated, pork-filled, and larger than any previous budgets in Florida's history. He was the ultimate profligate spender of other people's money.

So, I will do something I never thought I'd do. I'm going to thank Charlie Crist... for pointing this out. I suspect it's too little too late (he should have been running these ads back in April so that the truth - that Rubio is wasteful spender - would be the dominant meme, rather than the completely false image of Rubio as a fiscal conservative).

Here's Charlie's ad: