Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear NRSC: We Would Take You More Seriously If You Bothered to Learn How to Spell the Name of Our State

The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following tweet as the first salvo in their effort to unseat the Sunshine State's senior senator, Bill Nelson:

NRSC Stmt: We look forward to debate on Sen Nelson's record of putting Obama’s reckless govt agenda over Floridia

I would take their efforts more seriously if it weren't clear that they had assigned an intern the task of taking down Nelson. But, as a note for future NRSC statements - it's spelled "Florida" not "Floridia."


At 1/19/2011 06:55:00 PM, Blogger Katie Harbath said...

As I told you on twitter this was an honest typo when I tweeted it out. The actual statement on our site was correct. I apologize for the mistake but was just human error.

At 1/19/2011 09:50:00 PM, Blogger Benjamin J. Kirby said...

I'd be more willing to give Katie a break, CM, if I thought "tweeted it out" was an actual phrase (as opposed to just "tweeted it"), and if this wasn't, you know, her job.

See, Katie is the Chief Digital Strategist at the NRSC, which I concede sounds like a cool job (way better than intern, as you say, CM). Well, better except for the NRSC part. Anyway, it's kind of her job to "tweet stuff out," so you'd think she'd put some special emphasis on a tweet about a sitting U.S. Senator from a critical swing state (where the Republicans will hold their convention in 2012).

Hey, if the first salvo from the NRSC in the 2012 fight for Nelson's seat is this tweet (a friggin' tweet, for God's sake), then I'm feeling pretty good about the resources the Republicans will be mobilizing for the effort.

Sorry, Katie -- tweeting it out is all well and good (big fan of tweeting it out myself @bkirby816), but when you take it to the big leagues, spelling matters. See you on the trail.


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