Wednesday, January 05, 2011

NGP Trial Started Yesterday

This is very much insider baseball, but a lawsuit against NGP, the largest vendor of fundraising and finance management software for Democrats, started today.

The non-partisan, political technology firm Aristotle filed the lawsuit, alleging that though NGP claims to be a partisan firm, helping only Democrats. Artistotle, which does help organizations affiliated with both parties filed a lawsuit claiming that this is complete bunk - that NGP actually helps a large number of very Republican PACs.

Some of the evidence presented included a 2004 agreement with Capital Advantage to provide NGP software to PACs and "right-leaning" 527s. Some PACs utilizing NGP supported Republicans over Democrats by as much as 95% to 4%.

Insider baseball, like I said, but NGP has been a major player in Democratic vendor circles and have had access to a lot of sensitive info. This is a big deal.


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