Friday, January 16, 2009

Sink Is Out – What Does That Mean?

It means that there is no one on the Democratic side capable of clearing the field. Congressman Kendrick Meeks is already in, Congressman Allen Boyd’s rumblings will get louder and Dan Gelber seems near certain to get in, as well.

Who does this most benefit? Boyd, in my opinion.

The DCCC will be begging Boyd not to run, because his Congressional seat may be difficult for Democrats to hold without him, but his ability to win moderate and conservative independents in a Republican leaning district will have the DSCC excited.

Gelber and Meeks risk splitting the Democrat-rich precincts in South Florida, leaving an opening for Boyd to win the primary.

Of course, we all risk overthinking this. It is only January and the primary is more than a year and a half away.

Another issue is that there won’t be a scramble for CFO. The GOP will put up a sacrificial lamb – probably a termed out state senator – but s/he will get thoroughly spanked by Sink.

As it stands, we are likely to have three open, statewide seats – U.S. Senate, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Bronson is termed out), and Attorney General (I can’t see McCollum passing this up).

Rod Smith and Dave Aronberg are possible Democratic contenders for Attorney General (Smith might also look at Agriculture) and our own Rick Baker has to be thinking that Attorney General would be a great next step.


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