Thursday, October 09, 2008

But What About Agriculture?

In a little noticed race, Miami attorney Eric Copeland took on Charles Bronson, the incumbent Commissioner of Agriculture.

Yes, Copeland lost. Badly, actually ā€“ 57% to 43%.

But incumbent Charles Bronson raised 2,190,032.49 and Copeland raised only $265,901.99 ā€“ an 8 to 1 advantage for Bronson who will be term limited out in 2010. In light of that fact, Copeland's showing looks pretty good.

Will Copeland run for Commissioner of Agriculture again? Iā€™m not so sure, but we definitely saw a rising star. $265,901.99 may not be enough to run statewide, but it is a respectable sum for a more local race ā€“ particularly one where he is not seen as a sort of sacrificial lamb, as he was in 2006 running against Bronson.

Bronson cannot run for re-election and will probably not go much of anywhere, unless he moves to a safe Republican congressional seat and waits for someone to retire. So his story probably ends here.

Former state senator and former gubernatorial nominee Rod Smith drew a lot of contributions from agricultural interests and though Attorney General might be a sexier position to run for, Ag Commissioner will be open.


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