Monday, December 15, 2008

Greer Back In?

Perhaps we were took quick to write the obituary for Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer's aspirations to be chair of the RNC.

This little piece was published in The Politico, an insider publication in Washington, DC.

Greer gushes over the ability of the Florida GOP to hold back the Democratic tide, which takes more than a bit of rhetorical tap dancing. He skips over the loss of two Congressional seats and the fact that Florida went for Obama and focuses on the failure of Democrats to seize any legislative seats.

It is very true that (Jon Ausman points this out in an well thought open letter) Democrats did a poor job in the 2008 legislative races, but it is also true that the open seats weren't there in 2008 like they will be in 2010 (and like there were in 2006, when Dems picked up a net gain of seven state house seats), but I the the Republican National Committee is more concerned by Obama's margins in Florida than they are by Greer's ability to hold on to his state house seats.

Incidentally, Saul Anunzis, who is openly running for RNC chair, published a similar bit of editorializing in same issue.


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