Monday, February 11, 2008

The Superdelegate Question

Each of the two major parties has its own cross to bear these days.

On the Republican side, nothing short of a major coronary incident will stop Senator John McCain, but the GOP is failing to rally behind him - going so far to hand victories to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee even after it became clear that McCain would be the nominee. If McCain's next finance report doesn't show total comparable to what Senators Obama and Clinton have been raising for the last year, expect a lot of bus tours from the Arizonan - because his campaign will be too cash poor to afford to fly Southwest.

On the Democratic side, the race couldn't be closer - and the possibility that the so-calledC "superdelegate" will determine the race.

I could offer my own opinion on the matter, but Tad Devine said it all far better in the New York Times on Sunday - "Superdelegates, back off" read the headline. I urge everyone to read it here.

For those short on time, I will offer this quote from the article to sum it up:

The superdelegates were never intended to be part of the dash from Iowa to Super Tuesday and beyond. They should resist the impulse and pressure to decide the nomination before the voters have had their say.


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