Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rick Baker Opposes Tax Amendment

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker is widely considered a rising star in GOP politics here in Florida. He is staunch conservative who has found the knack for successfully winning a Democratic city. So when he says he doesn't support Amendment 1, that means something. Mainly, it means he thinks it is a disastrously bad idea.

He told the St. Petersburg Times that he would be voting against it, even though he and Gov. Crist are friends (even after Crist passed him over for Education Commissioner).

Though Baker is keeping his opposition low key, he is not hiding it. For man who will be widely talked about as a GOP candidate for Congress (when Young finally retires or is defeated) and statewide office after he leaves office to oppose a tax cut as misguided - well, let's just say that Baker must think Amendment is so monumentally flawed, misguided and dangerous that it boggles the mind.


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