Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Very Expensive, Emergency Damage Control Time at the RNC

Remember when the RNC divided their donors into people driven by fear and people driven by ego and a desire for "tchochkes?" Yeah - me, too. That was hilarious.

Anyway, the RNC has now been forced to do even more damage control over that little debacle. They have, in fact, been forced to run ads on television - dropping almost a million dollars on an ad buy.

What is the purpose of these ads? To win over undecided voters who may be souring on the President? Conservative Democrats who can be convinced to join the Republican revolution in November? Or are they supporting vulnerable Republicans, to make sure they don't give up any electoral ground in the fall?

If you guess any of these, you guessed wrong! These ads are aimed at - REPUBLICAN DONORS. They messed up so badly that they feel that they have to run television ads to reassure that they don't really think they are frightened, ego-manical, obsessive keychain collectors and that they really do love and respect their donors.

They are running these ads in Palm Beach, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Cincinnati.

Super awesome job, Michael Steele.


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