Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Greer Out, Crist Screwed

I don't have any insight as to who will replace Greer (though Bense seems like a likely choice), but I will bet the house that whoever it is will absolutely not be a known ally of Crist - which means that Crist's tacit endorsement of Thrasher has probably torpedoed his chances.

In fact, Crist will consider himself lucky if the new chair is not and outright Rubio supporter (or at least a stalking horse for Jeb Bush, who clearly favors Rubio).

I wonder if people outside of Florida understand how bad it has really gotten for Crist these days? He's starting to look our version of Chris Dodd - a once popular and seemingly invulnerable pol who saw his chances drop like a rock without his home state appreciably changing (as opposed to someone who might have seen his state fundamentally change from red to blue or vice versa).


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