Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's Up with the Diaz-Balart Thing?

Things got worse for Crist - both Diaz-Balart brothers withdrew their endorsement of the governor. Endorsements are almost always overrated, but these two guys were a good entry point for Crist to try and keep Rubio from locking up the Cuban vote. But what really hurt here is what the elder brother's statement that "[Crist] knows why."

This is going to open up all sorts of weird questions that only Lincoln Diaz-Balaart can answer, but clearly doesn't intend to give us the satisfaction - so Floridians are going to keep on wondering. Is it about money or sex or SunRail or the FCAT or Cuban policy or... you get the idea.

Zogby has Crist up by 9 points over Rubio. I haven't been a big fan of Zogby, but these numbers look more realistic to me than the Rasmussen numbers that had them tied. Rasmussen leans right to the point that I believe their numbers to be pretty badly flawed - though I do see wisdom in their trend lines. And all the polls show a pretty basic trend - Crist staying under 50 and Rubio climbing. All in all, 9 points sounds about right to me.


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