Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have, at long last, joined Twitter.

But, I feel kind of bad about that.

I don't expect to be constantly twittering - even with only 140 characters, I don't have that much to say an hourly basis - but if you're interest, I'm at TBCampaignMgr.

My only posting so far is a necessarily brief musing on HD 58. Congratulations are in order for Rep. Michael Scionti (see photo), but on to the politics.

"Coach" Bob Henriquez held this seat before, if I recall.

Democratic candidates have been quick to jump in, but so far no Republicans. Scionti won handily in 2006, but that was also a wave election. We'll see if the Republicans make a good faith effort to contest this seat or not (the party is a little distracted, between Crist struggling to put down Rubio, Greer beset by scandal and rumor, and McCollum doing his usual thing, which is underachieving - so they might be forgiven for letting this slide).

Finally, don't expect Scionti to be gone forever - in fact, I would see him as a future candidate for statewide office in Florida or as a strong congressional candidate, should Congresswoman Castor run for higher office.


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