Sunday, March 09, 2008

Florida to Finally Get a New Election?

Senator Bill Nelson has been leading the way in the campaign to get a re-vote for Florida Democrats. He and his team have been working with the Florida Democratic Party and the DNC and seem to have come up with a consensus around doing a vote-by-mail primary and a rough fundraising plan to pull together the necessary soft money to pay for the election.

There is a provision in Florida law that prevents nominees from being determined by an election that is exclusively mail-in, however Gov. Charlie Crist supports, in principle, the plan to do a re-vote by mail, paid for by soft money fundraising. Having Crist on Nelson's side should smooth the legal process.

Though I have been less than impressed with his outrage at the DNC's determination to enforce the rules, he is right in one respect - it's basically all the fault of the GOP controlled Florida legislature: "They're laughing up their sleeve right now, because they got Democrats all wound around the axle on this. Whether there should be [a state solution] or not, there isn't gonna be, with the state in such financial distress."


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