Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Theory Predicting Crist Will (One Day) Be Vice-President

I still don't think believe that Charlie Crist will be anywhere near the VP spot on the GOP's presidential ticket. Whether you believe that rumors about Crist are baseless gossip, gospel truth, or beside the point, it seems unlikely to me that any of the contenders would be willing to take that chance.

However, I wanted to share a theory I heard recently. This individual believe that the Semblers will exert their pull to get Crist on the ticket in either 2008 or 2012.

Mel Sembler (see photo) is one of the GOP's biggest fundraisers. In the past, the St. Pete developer's exertions on behalf of Republicans has netted him a couple of ambassadorships and a lot of access. His son, Brent, is well poised to continue the family tradition. But if Brent is going to get himself his own ambassadorship (his father had such arduous postings as Italy, Australian, and the Pacific island nation of Narau), he needs a strong cheerleader in Washington, DC - and who better to perform that function his own Governor (himself a great beneficiary of the Semblers' well stocked rolodex)?

So, we shall see over the next two presidential cycles which is stronger - the fear that rumors might be true or the love of money.


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