Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Senators Hold Hearing on Primary Schedule

Enough U.S. Senators are as disgusted as I am at the behavior of some many states (Florida being one of the worst culprits) that they recently held hearings on the issue.

One of the proposals is to craft federal legislation creating a regional primary system, with Iowa and New Hampshire allowed to continue going first. Both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee oppose this.

Separate legislation also has been introduced in Congress that would set up a new primary system eliminating Iowa and New Hampshire’s traditional roles.

Frankly, I am in favor of some sort of intervention at this point.

This proposal seems similar to the one that Bob Graham suggested. While I am not sold on the idea of the federal government getting involved in the partisan presidential nominating process, it appears that the inability of states like ours to control themselves is forcing Congress' hand.


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