Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Graham Speaks Out on Florida's Primary Troubles

Senator Bob Graham told the Miami Herald

Having 20 states vote on Feb. 5, which is legal under the party rules, is much more disruptive than having one state vote on Jan. 29. I think Florida has become a lightning rod for the larger problem.

The primary is currently a matter of state law, and the state is going to organize and pay for it. There's not frankly a lot Democrats can do to change that... Whether or not we have a full slate of delegates, it's the fourth largest state in the country and the most competitive, and when it throws its weight behind a candidate, that's what is important.

I agree, in part with Senator Graham, but still hold the legislature accountable for joinging a game of "gotcha" that has lowered the quality of our nation's political discourse and which cheapens us all.

Of course, it would have been a miracle if the legislature could have completed a session without doing something that cheapened us all.


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