Friday, April 07, 2006

House Justice Committee Votes to Weaken Voter Approved Initiatives

The House Justice Committee voted on Tuesday, April 4, to strip six voter approved constitutional amendments from the Florida constitution. By making them statutes, rather than amendments, the legislature would have an easier time overturning the decision of Florida voters.

Among the amendments under assault is one passed just eighteen months ago to increase the minimum wage by $1 to $6.15/hour. Florida voters passed the measure 72-28 (4.95 million votes to 1.96 million) over the objections of Gov. Bush.

Tampa Bay Representatives Arethnia Joyner and Faye Culp were two of only three committee votes in favor or protecting the citizen approved amendments. Rep. Joyner is running for State Senate District 18 (currently held by Sen. Les Miller, who is running for Congress)


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