Thursday, March 09, 2006

Harris Quit Rumors Just Won't Die

One day after Congresswoman Harris told the Associated Press that she was committed to her campaign for U.S. Senate, the talk about her dropping out is as frenzied as ever. The problem for Republicans who want her gone is that none of the only top tier challenger who hasn't explicitly said they won't run for Senate (though they could easily change their minds) is Rep. Mark Foley.

Foley toyed with running two years ago, but dropped out early in the campaign. His major advantage is that he brings with him a large warchest (though considerably smaller than Sen. Nelson's).

But he is saying that he will not enter the race unless Harris drops out - and every day he stays out of the race, the less likely he is to see any chance of winning and the more likely he is to keep his congressional seat.

After all the pressure that has been put on her, all the bad press, Harris has persevered. For my money, I believe she is in this for the long haul. I don't believe she will win, but I also believe that the window to defeat Nelson closed several months ago. At this late date, all that a stronger challenger to Nelson is likely to do is force the incumbent Senator to ramp up his Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation and provide a lift for Democratic candidates all the way down the ticket.


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