Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gov. Jeb Bush Begins Ramping up Campaign to Stay Relevant After 2006

Barred by term limits from seeking a third term as Governor, Jeb Bush has reactivated his quiescent Foundation for Florida's Future. He has also won the support of one of Florida's leading GOP contributors - Ralph Hughes. Half a million dollars worth of support.

Not content with Mr. Hughes' $500,000 check, Gov. Bush's advocacy group appears to be engaged in an aggressive direct mail fundraising campaign.

One function of the Foundation will be to keep Bush in the spotlight and relevant as he waits for 2012 to roll around to begin a likely campaign for president, but an even more important function is to maintain, strengthen and expand his ties to the GOP donor class - the wealthy individuals, lobbyists and special interest groups - that underwrite Republican presidential campaigns.

That's what makes this check so important. It signals Gov. Bush's intentions and abilities to the donor class. Hughes is letting them know that Bush will be neither a lame duck nor a former governor for very long.

It will be interesting what other contributors get onboard.


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