Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Palin Question

Before getting around to my next big, blog-related writing project (which may not be for a little while if my paying writing projects keep getting in the way), I wanted to point something out that seems to be overlooked by some folks when talking about Palin.

If you follow the "literature" on Palin, you know that biggest question consuming folks out there today is "will she run for president?"

The folks who say no argue that she has no desire to leave the bubble of adulation and financial renumeration that surrounds her today - and she would certainly have to leave that bubble if she wanted to run for president.

The argument goes on to say that she is primarily a celebrity/reality star, not a politician these days.

While I don't disagree, I think there is another factor being overlooked - and that is whether he adoring fans, who see her as a potential savior of American values, will accept it if Palin does not run for president in 2012?

Would they see a failure to take up the torch and save America from Obama (and also from GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney) as sufficient reason to abandon her?

While perhaps she can't win, can she also not not run?

I'm not trying to provide a definitive answer here, just raising the question of whether the Palin fans will still follow her so rabidly if she doesn't step up to the plate?


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