Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rubio Confuses "Rational Thought" with "Flip-Flopping"

Marco Rubio is confusing stubborn, willful blindness with principled leadership.

He is trying to characterize his insistence on continuing to support offshore drilling as pragmatic, principled stand that sets him apart from “flip-floppers” like Charlie Crist.

Well, Rubio – you know who else is a “flip-flopper?” The people of Florida. Until recently, a majority of Floridians supported offshore drilling.

Funny how things change.

And, Mr. Rubio, that's not "flip-flopping" or "waffling" or whatever belittling designation you want to give it.

Actually, it's a sign that someone is applying common sense to their decision making process. When you change your position based on new facts that contraindicate your old views, you are not “flip-flopping.”

What Rubio would, in Crist, like to characterize as “a flip-flop,” is, in this instance, nothing more than a rational human being making use of the gifts God gave him – using his eyes to see the damage oil is doing to priceless treasures and his brains to come to the conclusion that the costs are not worth it.

Rubio says that drilling will happen anyway – that we might as lay back and try to enjoy it.

Well, Mr. Rubio, let me suggest to you that it is also true that there will always be people who will speed – but that’s not reason to get rid of speed limits around elementary schools.


I’m done ranting now. In the next posting (which will come sooner than they have lately, I promise – this is a busy time of year for me and blogging doesn’t actually pay the bills), we will get back to providing semi-dispassionate analyses of Florida elections.


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