Friday, May 28, 2010

Congressman Charlie Melancon Overcome While Describing the Damage Caused by the Gulf Spill

Rep. Melancon (D-LA) was overcome by emotion describing the devastation the spill has caused his district - costing fishermen and shrimpers their livelihood, the lives of 11 men working the Deepwater Horizon when it blew, and precious and irreplaceable natural habitats.

The worst part is - no one knows how much hidden devastation Lousiana and Florida now face. Hidden devastation from lost income as tourists stay away and those who make their living fishing and shrimping wait for the the greenlight to return. Hidden devastation from the unknown effects of the vast plumes of oil under the surface of the water. Hidden devastation from the unknown effects of the dispersants used on the plumes (though not completely unknown - many men and women who were exposed to the dispersants are already sickened from the exposure). And hidden devastation from future generations being bequeathed a Gulf of Mexico who eco-system may have been irreparably damaged by the greedy demand to "Drill, baby, drill" - future generations who may never see the pristine Gulf, teeming with life, that I grew up next to.

Charlie Melancon is right on the money - this is something worth crying over.


At 6/19/2010 08:44:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not object to the fine imposed on BP, just to the manner in which it was imposed.

The President has no authority under the Constitution to demand such a fund so he simply ignored the Constitution.

The President lied when he said the fund would be administered by a neutral third party. It will be controlled by his pay czar.

This is not the first time he has lied and ignored the Constitution. It has happened repeatedly since day one of his presidency.

Mr Obama - We elected you President.....NOT KING!!!


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