Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Floridians on Sarah Palin's 'Target List'

Sara Palin has unveiled her list of the top 20 congressional Democrats targeted for defeat in 2010.

Two Floridians are on that list - Allen Boyd in the Panhandle and Suzanne Kosmas in central Florida.

Boyd is a conservative Democrat, but he did vote for the healthcare bill. That said, he is pretty safe unless the GOP can come up with a top tier challenger and for now, his biggest challenge is coming from the left - State Senator and one of the deans of Florida politics, Al Lawson, is challenging him in the Democratic primary.

Kosmas is perhaps a little more vulnerable now that is she isn't facing the ethically challenged Congressman Feeney (who she defeated in 2008 to take the 24th District), but, once again, money is a factor. She is a strong fundraiser (though not an overwhelmingly strong one), but none of the R's lining up to take her on have really shown the kind of financial muscle necessary to unseat her, especially since Florida has a late primary, meaning a long an expensive primary season that Kosmas can use to make her position ever more secure, while the twelve Republicans currently running against her beat each other up (though right now it seems like the winner will be either Craig Miller or Sandy Adama).

Oh - and notice how Grayson is NOT on that list. Folks up in DC do not seem to realize that Grayson is simply not vulnerable right now. Yes, he's polarizing, but the people who love him, really love him, and his populism is, well, popular, even among many Republicans. Finally, he is a rock star fundraiser running against a field of less than stellar fundraisers. Palin's team, at least, seems to realize this and have decided to take a pass on challenging Grayson for now.


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