Thursday, July 24, 2008

Samm Simpson Called My Mother

Samm Simpson is already spending her meager resources on robo-calls.

I don’t have a landline myself, but my mother, who lives in the district, does and was gracious enough to save the message so that yours truly could listen.

It was a pretty basic message – we need to change Congress.

Robo-calls are a very inexpensive way to reach voters, but I have always doubted their ability to carry a persuasion message (though I concede they might have some use in delivering GOTV messages).

That said, with Simpson’s limited resources, what is she doing spending money on robo-calls in July? Unless she is expecting a sudden influx of $500,000 between now and September, she desperately needs to be husbanding her cash on hand for a late push. Because she has run before and because many Democratic primary voters will have voted for in November 2006, she does have a shot of winning this primary – but not if she is spending money she doesn’t have this early.

The other possibility is that Simpson personally phone banked my mother. This also doesn’t bode well. While it is a lovely, personal touch to call voters, what Simpson needs to spend every last waking hour doing is calling donors and attending fundraisers


At 7/25/2008 04:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simpson is finished. Bob Hackworth is going to win this race. He has the most organized campaign and voter contact program around.

At 7/28/2008 09:07:00 AM, Blogger Campaign Manager said...

I would be interested in hearing your account of his voter contact program and why you think it is superior?

Do you see it as being objectively very well run and executed or merely the best of the three (and I have heard little about Linn's voter contact program).


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