Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sink Campaigning for Redistricting Reform

No reasonable person doesn't acknowledge that Florida's redistricting system is in desperate need for reform. Legislators write their own districts, which results in a paucity of truly competitive races. The only reason seats ever change hands is term limits.

Seriously. Can you even remember the last time a Florida legislator lost a re-election campaign? I can't.

Under normal circumstance, as the highest ranking Democratic elected, Sen. Bill Nelson would the be effective head of the Florida Democratic Party. A few years back, he did exercise that perogative to place Luis Navarro as the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, but lately, his inaction on behalf on Democrats has ceded that position to Tampa's own Alex Sink - the Florida Chief Financial Officer.

In that capacity, she most recently began pushing for folks to sign the Fair Districts Florida petition.

This is a ballot initiative effort, not a partisan election, fixing Florida's broken electoral system has been a priority for the Florida Democratic Party - and not fixing it a priority for the Republican Party of Florida.


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