Friday, November 02, 2007

Bush Vetoes $2 Billion to Save the Everglades; Thompson Open to Drilling in the Everglades

A water bill, containing $2 billion to prop up the floundering efforts to save the Everglades, a state and national treasure and one of the most beautiful and important eco-systems in the contry, was vetoed today by President Bush.

No doubt his reasons for doing - most likely related to other aspects of the bill - we desperately need Washington's help.

Since Bush took office in 2000, the promised federal help has not come.

While Florida has contributed $2 billion to the effort, Washington has spent only $358 million.

We have to do something!

Please urge Senators Nelson and Martinez to push for the $2 billion and more from Washington. We cannot do this alone.

Nelson is already fighting hard for the Everglades, opposing Bush's proposed veto, as well the administration's effort to take the Everglades off the list of endangered national parks.

Even Martinez is ready to vote to override a veto.

We need to let them know we will support them when they vote to protect the Everglades and we must urge them to redouble their efforts.

They must demand a vote to override the veto and they must win it! The bill passed both the House and Senate by wide margins - enough to override a veto if everyone who voted for it also votes to override the veto. Martinez, in particular, must convince his Republican colleagues not to waver and to side with our national heritage and not their president.

On a side note, I urge everyone to withdraw any and all support for Fred Thompson - the Washington Post reported that he suggested he might allow oil drilling [in the Everglades]. As far as I'm concerned, that suggestion is a criminal act and tantamount to treason and the man should be heckled and booed every time he steps foot in our state until he gets the message that Florida doesn't want him and doesn't want him in the White House.


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