Thursday, October 18, 2007

Florida GOP Incuments Posting Strong Numbers - Bill Young Excluded

Two Florida Republicans who have already been targeted for defeat by the Democratic Congressional Camapaign Committee (DCCC) posted impressive numbers. Rep. Tom Feeney raised $336,000, his strongest fundraising quarter since he was first elected. He is anticipating a tough challenge from former state Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, who just announced her candidacy last week.

Freshman Rep. Vern Buchanan, banked about $414,000 in the quarter. Banker Christine Jennings , who narrowly lost to Buchanan last year, raised about $263,000.

As most of you know, one of the most popular drinking games in the Tampa Bay area is "guess when Bill Young will retire." The game is, when Young denies he will retire, but then turns around and says something or does something that suggests he is planning to retire, the participants have to do a shot of tequila. And let's just say that Southwestern Regional Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee - the person in charge of keeping this seat Republican - has been going through bottles of Patron like every day was Cinco de Mayo.

To fule to the fire, Rep. Bill Young raised only $29,000.

An incumbent congressman can raise $29,000 without doing anything - just wait for the lobbyist checks to float in naturally. Clearly, Young is not making any effort to raise money.

He did make a strong appearance in the previous report - $201,000. It now seems like Young merely made the effort in order to forestall the retirement rumors, but that, in truth, his heart is not it anymore.


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