Friday, August 24, 2007

Thurman Takes the Case for Florida's Primary to the DNC

When the Florida legislature moved our presidential primaries to January 29th they not only fed into the overwrought presidential election schedule that is making the process something of a joke (anyone else miss the good old days when the nominees weren't decided until Super Tuesday in March?), it also put Florida Democrats in something a bind.

The Democratic National Committee has declared that they will only seat half the delegates of any state not Iowa or New Hampshire that holds their delegate selection process (whether caucus or primary) before February 5th.

The Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, Karen Thurman, is going before the Rules & Bylaws Committee of the DNC on Saturday, August 25th to argue Florida's case. One assumes that a major part of the case is that it is not the fault of Florida's Democrats that the Republican held legislature decided to join this ridiculous game of "gotcha" and jump of the bridge along with other states.

If you are a Democratic voter in Florida (or if you find the legislature's actions to be a misguided case of blindly following the idiot states in front of you) and care concerned about Democratic voters in Florida being punished for the ever more unstable actions of a delusional legislature, you can make your voice heard here.


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