Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Am So Angry About This Situation

Rather than explain the details of what happened, I would direct readers to this Washington Post article and this Miami Herald item and jump directly into my take on the matter.

Perhaps this was the goal of the GOP-controlled legislature all along. To sow discord and frustration among Florida Democrats and dampen Democratic turnout for a property tax ballot initiative that could drastically affect funding for education and public safety.

I am not convinced that there our legislature has the minimal mental acuity to manage this (at least not without Jeb around). They are less Niccolo Machiavelli and more box of broken glass.

I also do not believe (though this could be wishful thinking) this will stand. Not that I believe the DNC will rescind their decision, but that some sort of compromise will be reached.

The money available for a caucus is insufficient, but we could do what many early primary states do and require presidential candidates pony up in return for being allowed to participate. South Carolina, for example, pays for their presidential primaries not with tax money, but with contributions from the candidates. The winner in such a caucus would still almost certainly be the same as the largest voter getter on January 29th, but the forms would be followed.

Donna Brazile was right when she noted how states crave to be first and in recent years, many large states feel somewhat left out fo the nominating process, but Florida could also have made itself relevant by holding its primary in mid-February.

That way would also not have participated in what I continue to insist is a national embarrassment of front loading by both sides.

Because it would be nice, for once, is something embarrassingly stupid happened in our country and it couldn't be traced back to Florida. Just once.


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Is that the guy from "Network?"


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