Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Castor Makes Healthcare Central Message of Campaign

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kathy Castor (see photo) recently laid out the centerpiece to her campaign for the 11th Congressional District, saying:

I have been walking door-to-door and talking with voters across the district. Here is what I am hearing. Seniors are struggling with Medicare Part D. Families are unable to afford health coverage for their children and themselves. Most everyone is fed up with the corruption in Washington.

These experiences have strengthened my resolve to fight for
those who need it most. And that is why I’m running for Congress. I’m running for Congress to fight for change in Washington. For too long, the Bush administration has ignored the true priorities for our country. As a local official, I understand how Washington politics affect real People.

I stood up for our community when the local power company
installed massive transmission lines through our neighbors’ front yards. I have been fighting for health care by working to protect our award-winning Hillsborough Health Care plan from a HMO takeover. I have been assisting our seniors by holding office hours to help them through their difficult and confusing transition to Medicare Part D. I have worked to reform government on the local level by passing meaningful ethics reforms.

Castor, the daughter of former USF President and Senate candidate, Betty Castor, is considered the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Other candidates include State Senator Les Miller and Attorney Scott Farrell.

Incumbent Congressman Jim Davis is a Democratic candidate for governor.

Legislative gerrymandering has made the seat safely Democratic in order to create safe Republican seats in the rest of the Tampa Bay area and any Republican opposition for the seat in November will be negligible.


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