Monday, June 12, 2006

FCAT Graders Lack Credentials

After Senators Skip Campbell (D-Tamarac) and Les Miller (D-Tampa, see photo) forced the state to and CTB/McGraw Hill (the company contracted to grade the FCAT) to release the credentials of the test's graders, an examination has shown that the graders lack educational credentials.

Suspicion was first aroused when it was discovered that the temp agency, Kelly, was hiring the graders for $10 an hour.

"I am disturbed that we are seeing people who are non-educators. Some of them have physical education or a hospitality management major," said Sen. Campebll. "I am concerned that some are coming from schools in Poland, Colombia, Nigeria, Liberia, Germany and other countries, and we don't know if they [the universities] are certified by anybody. And I don't know what [the graders] English skills are."

Sen. Miller is a candidate for 11th Congressional District.


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