Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Qualifying Petitions for Candidates Due June 19

Tampa Bay candidates are making sure that they have their qualifying petitions ready by June 19. Along with fundraising, qualifying petitions are a measure of support for a candidate. Rep. Charlie Justice (see photo), the Democratic candidate for Senate District 16, has always been better known for his community support than his ability to collect campaign contributions by "dialing for dollars" (call time - when a candidate gets on the phone and calls contributors to ask for money is still the major way that campaigns are funded and an important source of $500 maximum contributions). As a result, he is making a big push over these last few days, calling out his volunteers - the Justice League - to make a good showing in this summertime test. Volunteers will be going out everyday from locations in Pinellas and Hillsborough to collect petitions.

He will face either Rep. Frank Farkas or Kim Berfield in the general election.

Additional note: On June 7, Charlie Justice earned the endorsement of the Florida Education Association.


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