Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Search Engine Classifies Results by Political Ideology

I was reading about and went to look at it. Kosmix is a search engine which allows ranking based on various criteria - one of which is political ideology. The site suggests checking out this feature by searching "global warming." I found it interesting that, according to Kosmix, only "liberals" think global warming is both a) real b) a problem for humanity.

As a Floridian who doesn't want to see the family home underwater, I found this a little off putting. You would think that the GOP would not want to risk losing one of their biggest electoral prizes.

But I was amused to see that a page from Congresswoman Katherine Harris' official website was classified as liberal. That's not going to help reassure the Republican base about her Senate campaign.

P.S. - A political search for global warming florida underwater did not produce any results.


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