Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something Sharon Day Would Never Do

Though some have asked whether Sharon Day can raise the $40 million or so some folks have estimated the RPOF will need to avoid slipping down in Florida, the actual decision may come down to a smaller number - $500.

$500 is the maximum contribution a single entity can make to a candidate for state office in Florida.

Senator John Thrasher wrote a check for $500 to Alex Sink's campaign.

He can say that he didn't know that she would be running for governor, rather than re-election to CFO (though that sounds like B.S. to me - who honestly believed that Sink would not be running for f higher office in 2010? If Thrasher really believed that, then there is another mark against him - vast political naivete).

But Sharon Day would almost certainly never have done that. Known as the queen of the rubber chicken circuit, working to build up RECs across the state and raising money for the RPOF, county parties, and local candidates - I suspect that Sharon Day would rather eat broken glass than write a $500 to a Democratic candidate.

That sort of red blooded loyalty matters in these cases.

P.S. - Charlie, Thrasher follows your buddy Greer over to the "loser" column on Florida's political scoresheet... I'll buy you a drink over at the Green Iguana while we watch a Rubio and Meek debate each other on Bay News 9.


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