Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You just sort of knew it didn’t you?

After John Ensign’s unusually sordid affair, after our Idaho friend’s little toe tapping in a Minneapolis airport, after Vito Fossella got a DUI on his way to visit the children he fathered with his mistress, after we pretended to be surprised to learn that Mark Foley liked younger men… you just sort of knew that when South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford disappeared for five days, there was going to be some sort of rank sexual hypocrisy involved. You just knew he wasn’t walking through the hills to clear his head amongst nature.

Frankly, the RNC is probably just relieved that he only had an affair with a woman in Argentina. Michael Steele had to hear a voice coming up from his gut saying, “Sweet Jesus, don’t let this turn out to be about an affair with a cross dressing illegal immigrant and don’t let him have a secret family in Argentina.

We should probably start a new drinking game. Every time a prominent Republican with presidential aspirations derails his or her political future with their sexual peccadilloes, everyone does a shot of tequila.

On second thought, that’s a bad idea. We’d be hammered within a few hours at this rate.


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