Monday, May 11, 2009

The First Domino Falls…

It looks like Crist will announce for the Senate sometime over the next 30 hours, setting off a little house of cards as Bronson and McCollum square off on the GOP side and Sink will probably have the field to herself on the Democratic side.

Dave Aronberg is already in for the AG. Rod Smith has got to be thinking about Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Commissioner.

Republican Congressman Adam Putnam long ago announced he would run for Agriculture, but what he really wants to be is governor and when he announced, Crist was running for re-election, so he was only looking at waiting for one term before it was open. Now that thinks have changed, does he decide to run for governor instead or take the safe route and stay for Agriculture Commissioner? Or does he decide to run for something more high profile, but still below governor, like Attorney General?

What about Iorio? Does she follow in Sink’s footsteps and become the second, high profile woman from Tampa Bay to become Florida’s CFO?

Vern Buchanan and Connie “Bono” Mack have both been itching for statewide office, but didn’t want to tangle with Crist. Do they take hard look at those CFO and AG slots?

If Buchanan does run, can the Dems take that seat? They’ve come close on several occasions (though not last year) – with a Democratic resurgence at the local level, is the bench there for CD 13?

The dominoes are following. It’s good time to be an avid politico in Florida.

As a final note, I have to mock this quote from RPOF Chairman Jim Greer:

"I think he's concluded that the problems that Floridians and Americans are facing are originating out of Washington, D.C., and if he's going to be able to provide the leadership and fight for Floridians trying to solve them, he's got to be in Washington."

Not even Crist is bothering to spout that kind of pablum.There is nothing wrong with a politici an wanting to run for a new office. It happens all the time and Crist doesn't need Greer making lame excuses that no one believes. Crist wants out because Tallahasse is about to turn very, very ugly and because Mel Martinez graciously fell on his sword before voters had the chance to throw him off the cliff. End of story.

Click here for Creative Loafing's take on the "Crist Effect."

Correction: Pam Iorio recently indicated that she would not be running for statewide office.


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