Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Florida Poll

A new Florida poll by the Republican firm, Strategic Vision, Florida that shows Rudy Giuliani leading with 31%, followed by a statistical tie for second place between Fred Thompson (13%), John McCain (13%), Mitt Romney (12%), and Mike Huckabee (10%).

The Democratic race is not nearly as close, with Hillary Clinton leading the field with 47%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 27% and John Edwards trailing badly at 8%.

An Elon University poll of five southern states -Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia - showed similar results, though with Giuliani doing less well and Thompson apparently moving away from the pack into second place.

The Elon poll shows Hillary Clinton with 45%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 17% and John Edwards at 11%.

Among Republicans, Rudy Giuliani leads with 25%, followed by Fred Thompson at 16%, Mitt Romney at 12%, Sen. John McCain at 8% and Mike Huckabe at 8%.


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