Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did the Now Defunct Super Homestead Exemption Play into the Decision by the Florida Democratic Party Not to Schedule a Binding Primary?

On September 23rd, Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman sent out an e-mail asking us to "Make It Count, Florida." In the e-mail, she explained that the state party was 100% committed to the January 29th primary, even though the DNC has said that Florida's delegates will not be seated at the convention if we hold a binding primary before February 5th.

Why didn't the party take another way out?

I have a suspicion, based on some phrases contained in the e-mail:

Don't let anybody call this vote a "beauty contest" or a "straw poll." On January 29, 2008, there will be a fair and open election in Florida, which will provide for maximum voter participation...

The Primary isn't the only thing on the January 29th ballot. The results of the constitutional amendment referendum and municipal races will affect you locally - your schools, your safety and your homes.

They even built a website - MakeItCountFlorida.

This e-mail was sent before the courts axed (at least for now) the super homestead exemption that was going to appear on the ballot on January 29th. Public safety and education groups are strongly opposed to this amendment, arguing it would drastically cut funding for education, police departments, and fire departments, without significantly reducing taxes for middle class Floridians.

I believe that Thurman decided to put all her weight behind January 29th because of this tax amendment, in order to keep Democratic turnout as high as possible. If Speaker Rubio fails to get this back on the ballot somehow, egg will be on both their faces - Rubio because his signature issue will not be voted on and Thurman because she could have scheduled a caucus or other event whose results would have been recognized by the DNC.


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