Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sink Uses "Viral Marketing" to Generate Buzz for Her Campaign

In the most recent e-mail message sent out by Alex Sink, Democratic candidate for CFO, she asks supporters to help spread the word. To do so, she included a logo and some relatively brief text. The message ask supporters to cut and past the logo and language and send it out to their family, friends and co-workers and spread the word about Sink. The message in the text is solid and non-partisan, emphasizing her impressive business credentials and obliquely touching on the recent uproar over homeowner's insurance by mentioning "problems with insurance claims." This kind of campaigning can be described as a kind of low key viral marketing, in that it depends on word mouth that uses tools at least partly provided by the campaign to spread the message.

Term limited State Senator Tom Lee won his primary to earn a general election match up with Sink.

See the complete text below.

Calling All Floridians,

This year we have a great opportunity to elect an extremely well
qualified candidate to the office of Chief Financial Officer.

Incredible as it may sound, Alex is the only candidate for Chief Financial Officer who has any financial experience, and hers is exceptional. During her 25 years of experience in the private sector, Alex earned a solid reputation for credibility, integrity and fair dealing. While President of Florida’s largest bank, she managed more than $41 billion in customer deposits while
supervising more than 9,000 employees in 800 branches. Alex has the financial leadership and experience necessary to manage Florida’s $71 billion budget and to hold both government and politicians accountable.

The CFO is regarded as one of the most powerful positions in Florida, second only to the Governor. In addition to Alex’s commitment to be an aggressive watchdog protecting our tax dollars, the CFO is statutorily positioned to be the consumer’s advocate for insurance. If you have recently experienced problems with insurance claims, you will readily understand
how important this advocacy can be. Unencumbered by politics‑as‑usual, Alex will be our champion in Tallahassee.

We want to send a strong message on November 7th about electing the most qualified candidate to protect our interests. Here are a few ways YOU can make an immediate impact:

1. Most importantly, forward this email to
everyone you know! We want to spread the word like wildfire.
2. Visit Alex’s website (
) !!! Find out about the position of CFO and her qualifications.
While there, sign up for Alex eMail to keep in touch with the latest campaign info.
3. Donate on Alex’s secure website.
Simply put, Alex is the most qualified candidate, but this race will be won on visibility. With your support Alex will be able to buy sufficient media time to get her name and qualifications in front of the electorate and will win decisively. And remember, personal contributions by Florida residents may be matched up to $250 by the state.

Alex wants to be our watchdog in Tallahassee to keep Florida government accountable.

Let’s unite behind Alex Sink to make a difference on November 7th!!!

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Alex Sink, Democrat, for Chief Financial Officer.


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