Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hillary Hires Veteran of Florida Campaigns

Mo Elleithee was hired by Senator Hillary Clinton as a senior spokesman. Mo's Florida ties include managing Attorney General Janet Reno's gubernatorial race and working as Sen. Bob Graham's communications director on his short-lived presidential campaign.

Mo has a pretty impressive resume as a communications director for Tim Kaine's successful, 2005 campaign for Virginia governor and was press secretary on Mark Warner's also successful 2001 campaign for Virginia governor (Virginia governor's are not allowed to hold successive terms).

He brings a record of working in some of the country's most difficult media markets (South Florida and Washington, DC/Northern Virginia) and his record in Virginia speaks for his ability to help elect Democrats in "red" states (in the case of current Virginia Govenor Tim Kaine, the ability to elect a flat out liberal in a "red" state).


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