Friday, October 20, 2006

The Big Endorsement Post

Below are links to brief quotes from the endorsements of the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune in a number of our community's most interesting races.

St. Petersburg Times

SD 10 - Stephen Gorham: For a better state Senate ("His opponent, Ronda Storms, 41, made her name inflaming social and partisan division... She has few real achievements to run on")

SD 16 - Charlie Justice: For a better state Senate ("Berfield had her chance [to solve the insurance crisis] and failed to deliver. Rep. Charlie Justice ambitious attempt to solve the problem... Justice offers a more independent voice for residents of the district")

Tampa Tribune

HD 57 - We Endorse A Newcomer For State House ("Unlike Culp, who has never been a leader on growth problems, Cope has a good grasp of the need to invest in transportation, protect the environment and make sure new development doesn't create costly problems for a community")

CD 9 - For U.S. Congress: Busansky ("Busanksy would make things happen in Congress, regardless of which party is in power")

SD 16 - For State Senate: Berfield ("Berfield has shown herself to be a conscientious legislator")

SD 10 - For Senate: Gorham ("Storms is better at grabbing headlines than getting things done... Gorham is someone who can represent all his constituents, regardless of their beliefs)


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