Saturday, July 29, 2006

SD 16 Candidates Face Off

In that state's most competitive state senate district, the three candidates - two Republican and one Democrat - faced off. A July 27th televised forum, hosted by the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club, featured what the St. Petersburg Times called "light sparring."

The Democrat, Rep. Charlie Justice moved quickly to criticize both his opponents for being the wrong side of the Schiavo case. Justice opposed both legislative efforts. Both Republican candidates - Representatives Kim Berfield and Frank Farkas - supported efforts by the legislature to interfere in the Schiavo case.

Berfield and Farkas also took potshots at each other, Berfield making veiled references to the ethical questions that rose up around Farkas concerned a junket paid for by gambling interests. For his part, Farkas alluded to the fact that Berfield does not own property and, until recently, lived with her parents.

Polls indicate that half of Republican voters are undecided between the two candidates. Justice is running unoppposed.


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